Aerial view of North Park University campus with 芝加哥 skyline.



We look forward to celebrating your accomplishments at 毕业典礼. 详情将通过电子邮件沟通.

North Park University is following COVID-19 guidance from the CDC, 芝加哥, 库克县卫生部门. Updates and recommendations from these institutions may impact upcoming events. We will communicate via email any changes that may need to be imposed due to public health safety regulations.



3:00–5:15 p.m., Hamming Hall (Carlson Tower) — All 研究生s are expected to attend this Distribution event to obtain their cap, 礼服, 罩, 荣誉绳(如适用), 还有五张票. Please note that in order to offer each attending 研究生 an opportunity to invite guests, there is no option to receive any additional tickets at the Distribution event. Additional tickets can only be obtained by asking other 研究生s who do not need all five of their tickets.

如果需要, you may purchase personalized 毕业典礼 announcements, 文凭相框, 或者一个类环 Jostens.

5:30–6:30 p.m., 海威格娱乐中心 — All 研究生s are expected to attend the rehearsal.  Specific instructions regarding 毕业典礼 will be given at this time. Requests for absence must be submitted in writing before Friday, May 3 to Dr. Mary Veeneman, University Marshal via email to

7:30 pm, Fourth Presbyterian Church — All 研究生s (under研究生, 研究生, 和神学院)被鼓励参加. Graduates will begin to assemble for the process in caps, 礼服, and 罩s at 6:45 pm. Tickets are not required for family and friends who wish to attend the 学士学位的服务.

10:00 am, 海威格娱乐中心 — Graduates will assemble in caps, 礼服, and 罩s outside the Foster entryway of Carlson Tower. 上午9点开始排队.


门票: Each 研究生, participating in the 毕业典礼 ceremony, will receive five (5) tickets. Due to space limitations, we are unable to provide more than 5 tickets per participating 研究生. The tickets will be distributed along with the academic regalia prior to Rehearsal. Guests with tickets will be admitted 45 minutes prior to the ceremony. Tickets will not be required for the last fifteen minutes prior to the ceremony, 当, 如果篇幅允许的话, 引座员将安排没有票的客人就座.

专业摄影: 梯度图像是专业的photographers who will take photos at 毕业典礼. Since professional photographs will be available, family members and guests are encouraged to remain in their seats, 放松,享受仪式. 其中包括:

  • GradImages will take a candid photograph of you at your special moment of recognition.
  • You’ll receive a free proof of this photo via email within 5 to 7 days following the ceremony.
  • 你可以在 once your PIN number has been provided to you via email or your proofs are received through the mail.
  • 也可通过电话订购 (800) 261-2576 or 001-641-472-8000 (美国和加拿大以外地区), or by mail using the order card included with your mailed proofs.
  • Upon receipt of your order, you can expect photos to be mailed to you within 5 to 7 days.

直播视频: For family members or friends who are unable to attend, a live streaming video of the ceremony will be available at .

停车: All campus parking lots will be open for Distribution and Rehearsal on May 8 and for 毕业典礼 on May 11. 请看附件 校园地图 所有停车场的位置.